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Announcing NYCorrespondence, an international call for mail art, using the postcard function in the Poetics visual poetry app for iPhone.  

As part of National Poetry Month, we invite you to create and submit a visual poem in the form of a physically mailed postcard, sent straight out of the Poetics app to Kickstarter’s new gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

We’ll be displaying the top postcards in a set of rotating postcard racks, where any visitor to the gallery can take home any postcard found in the rack.  

If you’re open to begin a correspondence with whoever finds your postcard, please include contact information on the back.  Or leave it out as an anonymous, chance donation of mail art.  

The Poetics app is free this month on the App Store, and postcards cost $1.99 sent from anywhere in the world.

An example of one of the postcards and rack display is shown above; each card is a traditional, 4”X6” print on glossy card stock.

For context on this project, please check out:
Artwork leading up to Poetics »

The Poetics app project was successfully Kickstarted at the start of 2012.  

We look forward to receive your cards.



Only the latest version 1.1 has the postcard feature and it requires iOS7. 


Open Poetics. Compose a visual poem or any sort of text/image combination.


Press the share button on the bottom left of the screen.  Then press the “Postcard” button.  Continue through the screens and create an account if you have not already.  

Send your card(s) to:

58 Kent
Brooklyn, NY 11222

You will receive confirmation that your card has been sent in the app and also via the email address you enter.  


Please note we cannot acknowledge receipt of your postcard, or guarantee all submitted postcards will be shown.  The submissions will be curated with as light a hand as we can manage.


For inquiries / questions, please send a note via the Poetics tumblr »


To Ray Johnson, poets and artists who paved the way here.

The result of knife testing and psychotic laughing.

Lemon Water Magic



I am sick in bed today, so I thought I’d write a quick post about healthy things. I’ve never been one to stick to a morning routine, but this is something I’ve been doing for the past few years (inspired by my aunt in Costa Rica) and I’m here to tell you, you should too! It’s really easy….

Thanks for the tip Katie! I’m going to get on this right away!


It’s always fun to kick off a new age with a new blog, or at least an attempt at one. I’m 27. 

At 26 I feel like I flexed a lot of my potential. I hit goals I never thought i’d ever achieve and I believe I proved a lot of doubters wrong, and even surprised a lot of believers. I’m not sure if i did this for the “stunned effect”. I don’t even know if the things I accomplished were goals. They were just things I achieved at the time and when I thought about the matter at hand, I figured I completed something and said it was a goal on the spot.

I want 27 to be about doing and getting done. I want this year to be all about achieving goals I set beforehand vs realizing an end result and believing that’s what I always wanted.

Here’s to my eggnog.

bon anniversaire, mon amour.benovic bradley

bon anniversaire, mon amour.
benovic bradley

Who is ready for their annual Benovic-Bradley holiday card?!

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—The entire CS team (via panacirema)