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The result of knife testing and psychotic laughing.

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I am sick in bed today, so I thought I’d write a quick post about healthy things. I’ve never been one to stick to a morning routine, but this is something I’ve been doing for the past few years (inspired by my aunt in Costa Rica) and I’m here to tell you, you should too! It’s really easy….

Thanks for the tip Katie! I’m going to get on this right away!


It’s always fun to kick off a new age with a new blog, or at least an attempt at one. I’m 27. 

At 26 I feel like I flexed a lot of my potential. I hit goals I never thought i’d ever achieve and I believe I proved a lot of doubters wrong, and even surprised a lot of believers. I’m not sure if i did this for the “stunned effect”. I don’t even know if the things I accomplished were goals. They were just things I achieved at the time and when I thought about the matter at hand, I figured I completed something and said it was a goal on the spot.

I want 27 to be about doing and getting done. I want this year to be all about achieving goals I set beforehand vs realizing an end result and believing that’s what I always wanted.

Here’s to my eggnog.

bon anniversaire, mon amour.benovic bradley

bon anniversaire, mon amour.
benovic bradley

Who is ready for their annual Benovic-Bradley holiday card?!

Well a very, very heavay a heavy drit, burtation tonight, We had a very dairse, darrison…but let’s go ahead tearis tasin losh flabette bahend the pet

—The entire CS team (via panacirema)


iSpy #savethedate on #benovicbradley fridge 😋 #fridgeoffame

this is my fridge. =)


iSpy #savethedate on #benovicbradley fridge 😋 #fridgeoffame

this is my fridge. =)

life in percentages.

life in percentages.